General F.A.Q.

Do you work
on bags, shoes, blankets, or upholstery?

No, we only work on clothing. For these items you can try contacting a cobbler, a tack shop, or a shop specializing in upholstery.

Can I get
an estimate for my wedding dress via email or phone?

No, we only give estimates at an initial fitting which can be booked on our website for a $30.00 fee which is non-refundable if you choose not to have alterations done.

How much does
a pant hem cost?

A pant hem is $18.00-$27.00 depending on the style.

Do you do

No, we do not do embroidery.

Do we make
custom clothing?

Yes, please email you reference pictures, budget, and event date to SewFittingLLC@gmail.com for a quote.

Do you sell
sewing machines?

No, we only service sewing machines.

Appointment F.A.Q.

What should I
bring to my bridal appointment?

· Shoes
· Support garments
· Any accessories that you would like attached to your dress

Do I need
to book an appointment for a repair?

Yes, appointments are required for all alterations, measurements, repairs, and sewing machine service.

Do I have
to try my items on, or can I mark them at home?

You can mark your items at home, but we do not guarantee the fit only the quality.

Do we do
same day service?

No, check our homepage for current turnaround times.

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