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Renew Your Favorite Pieces

As different styles come in and out of fashion and beloved clothing pieces get passed down through generations, at Sew Fitting we make what’s old new again.
Let us help you breathe new life into some of your most loved pieces with our custom clothing service.

Wedding Dresses into Baptismal Gowns

A client gave us the task of taking two beautiful, vintage wedding dresses and creating a couple of baptismal gowns. The wedding dresses were the client’s, who was married in 1981, and her mother’s, who was married in 1950. As we began the project we decided to create the baptismal gowns in an identical style but with fabric from one of each of the wedding dresses. This allowed the baptismal gowns to be undoubtedly a pair but not replicas of each other.

Tartan Vest

Though we love making old pieces new we can also create clothing from scratch! This piece is from a client who initially had a vest and jacket custom made from his family tartan while inScotland and though the jacket fit perfectly, the vest was a bit odd. He brought it in to be tailored and we discovered that the changes that needed to happen for a perfect fit couldn’t actually bed one on the already constructed vest. In order to preserve the heritage in the tartan vest, we decided to source new fabric from the Scottish tailoring firm and we began again. Not only were we able to achieve the perfect fit in the new vest, but we were able to adjust the scale of details like the antler buttons and welt pockets to better fit the build of our client.

Michael Chezem Vest 1-28-2021-6

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